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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  November 9, 2010 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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12-gauge shotgun which is just unheavable that this would be what you would resort to. especially in a environment. it's not just endangerment of the animals, but your neighbors. >> reporter: 35-year-old stanley coleman told police he had no choice but to put down his dog. a trash filled cubbyhole beneath the back poach officers found dog still alive. suffering from a massive wound to its hind quarters. >> the organs were exposed and it was pleading through the mouth and through the shot gun and i am sure it was a 12-gauge and there's going to be pelet that went throughout the body of the dog. and it would have suffered even longer. >> reporter: in backyard so small it could barely provide enough room for one dog, police found a third dog a mixed breed pit bull dead in a plastic carrier and from its emaciated condition they believe it had been dead for sometime. coleman face series of gun and animal cruelty charges.
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and shelter administrators are calling upon citizens to help end the violence against defenseless pets. >> the solution is if you see dogs that are tied up in the backyard that are full of seesies and trash and skinny under weight in all sorts of weather, call animal control. let someone go out and help the animals and don't let them suffer in a backyard and don't look the other way. >> reporter: in west baltimore, jeff hagger, abc2 news. >> animal rights act vft say maryland is short in the efforts to prosecute animal cruelty cases in the past, juve file conviction for the teens charged with beating a dog to death offers hope the courts are take the cases more seriously. tonight police in anne arundel county are investigating a reported rape in laurel. victim told police she was walking behind an apartment building in the 8100 block of scenic meadow drive last night taking out the trash. as she walked back, she spotted a man standing in the bushes.
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he started following her and grabbed her and threatened her with a weapon and then raped her. anyone with information is asked to call the anne arundel county police department at 410-222-8610. well, the woman convicted faking canser to scam her friend was sentenceed to six years for probation violation in carroll county. she was found guilty in a series of mortgage fraud scams. she received a 10-year suspend sentence. last month, she was sentenced to 15 years in prison and ordered to repay more than 14,000 dollars to her victims in the cancer scam. the state of maryland is getting help in the fight against gun crime and gangs. the justice department is giving more than $300,000 to the state. a $190,000 grant will pay an eye siftant attorney general to go after gangs and gun crimes. other towns are getting money
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to cover overtime and investigative costs. the governor wants to make sure that no child in maryland is without food. o'malley laid out plan to end childhood hunger in the state. roosevelt leftwich joins us with details. >> reporter: well, kelly, the governor says wants to end childhood hunger by 2015. o'malley's announcement commemorates the two-year anniversary of the partnership to end childhood hunger in the state them the formed the partnership including community groups and activists and food programs and it will make sure children have access to hemety breakfast and expand summer meal programs. >> united in the belief in our sense of responsibility to advance the greater good and part of that advancement, part of the greater good is eradicating childhood hunger. >> reporter: the o'malley administration says that last year, one of the 207,000 children across maryland were
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underfed. >> thanks. the city of annapolis wants to rebillet build the front yard and wants you do help them. public round table starts tonight at city hall to help figure out a way to breath new life into the city dock. the urban land institute will go around the city to come up with suggestions for using the land. city leaders want to make better use of the space downtown and encourage economic development. the first meeting starts at 5:30 tonight at city hall. we will have much more on this coming up at six. if you bike around baltimore, the city wants you to know it's improving the conditions for you. the city council passed a cyclist bill of rights last night. it calls for equal access to city streets, greater involvement in planning by bicyclist, great are awareness of bicycle rights and crashes and improved bike park and mass transit access. resolution is part of a package of pro bicycling bills
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sponsored by a councilwoman. weather wise, nice looking day out there. temperatures up close to 60. we had a bit of a breeze at time gusting to about 20. but for the most part picturesque weather. temperature wise, upper 50s across the state. 51 in washington. 55 cambridge and frederick is at 55 and still hanging onto close to 06 downtown. wide view across the mid-atlantic. clear conditions statewide region wide. there's the storm well-off shore. almost having no affect on us at this point. through the rest of the evening, getting dark very early into the 50s we go. mostly clear and fairly mild actually out there. we will talk much more about your veteran's day forecast and look ahead toward the weekend coming up kelly. >> thanks. today president obama is indonesia trying to bridge the divide with the muslim world. they are the most populous muslim nation.
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obama scold israelis and palestinians for not stepping up and doing more to pursue peace. he said the plans for new israeli settlements in east jerusalem could break the trust between both side. the president also continued his push for greater u.s. engagement with the muslim world. >> that will be good for our security, but it will be good for the larger cause of understanding between the united states and the muslim world. >> tomorrow, the president delivers a major address perhaps the biggest event of the 10-day trip. he is expected to echo the things he laid out in cairo last summer. a new poll finds americans of all religious faiths are divide about the islamic center near ground zero. 6 in 10 mormons and catholics believe another location should be used. about 40% of muslims and nonreligious americans support the current site. also jewish americans
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protestants and christian along the middle. islamic community center and mosque would be built two blocks away from the former site of the world trade center. after four days of deliberations, we are hearing from the jurors in the shocking connecticut home invasion and murder case for the first time. they sentenceed one of the men to death yesterday. but as tj winnick tell us, the decision didn't come easily. >> reporter: there will never be closure dr. william petit tells us but there's justice for the day three years ago when his wife jennifer and their young daughters michaela and haley were killed in their connecticut home after hours of torment. one of the men charged steven hayes was sentenced to die when the jury hand down the verdict a jury that included seven women. >> i personly think it was a case of sexual assault against women and i was happy to see women stand up for other women. >> reporter: the jurors who had
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to endure weeks of graphic testimony and crime scene photographs described their heart wrenching deliberation on "good morning, america" in. >> there were lot of emotional times where people would breakdown. but we all kind of rallied around each other. >> reporter: for days, they considered the fate of steven hayes, all the while a picture of the victims was kept in the jury room. >> we had to make decisions within the law, but the familiar hi was in front of us. reminding us what we were doing and why we were there. >> reporter: the strugel a, according to a juror, was sentencing another human being to death. >> part miff rational is our founding fathers gave us the tool, and if this was not the case to use this tool on, then we never really did ever have a case. >> reporter: defense attorneys claim steven hayes is happy to receive the death penalty to be freed of the guilt he feels over the murders. abc news, new york.
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>> police captured that killer and brought him to justice but many families will go to bed never knowing what happened to their loved ones. abc2 is partnering with police in series marchland's cold cases. we will provile one of the -- profile one of the hundreds unsolved cases from around the state and we quinn tonight with the story of traceie mosley. she was just 18 when she disappeared from reisterstown in the spring of 1995. 15 years later, friend and family still don't know what happened to her. >> until we know where she is, and what happened to her, i think i am always going to be look for her wherever i go. >> you can catch tracie's story tonight on abc2 news at 11. today, more chilling details about what elizabeth smarten dured during the nine months of captivity. coming up, smart takes the stand again to give her account of life with her captor.
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and does -- she was not the only one in mind. that's coming up at 5:30. and a new study says excessive texting could be related to risky behavior. how scientists came to that conclusion. and, it may look like an apartment but it's kids tree house. an arundel inspectors have problem with the facility. we will show you coming up. ♪se ] ]
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in tonight he's health alert, we have heard about the risk of teens texting while driving the but a new controversial study find there may be a relationship between excessive texting and teenagers chance of engaging in risky behaviors. i am talking about having sex and underage drinking. dr. timothy johnson has details. >> reporter: a new study presented today to the american public health association says
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the hypertexting teens are more likely to have had sex or used alcohol or drugs than teens who are not excessive texters. hypertexters are quantified in the study as teens who text more than 120 times a day. results found that these excessive texters were 3 1/2 times more likely to have had sex than those who texted less. the study found that hypernetworkers teens who spend greater than three hours a day on social networking sites, have a greater likelihood of being involved in risky behaviors, including, fighting and drinking alcohol. research was based on surveys of more than 4200 students conducted at 20 public schools in the cleveland area. critics of the study say the results are questionable due to its limited sampling. the study is one of the first atotals reer is. correlation between text -- research the correlation of texting and risky behaviorsp
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they agree more research is necessary to identify the specifics of this relationship. with this medical minute, i am dr. timothy johnson. okay, is it a bird or a plane? the pentagon is trying to figure out whether a missile was launched off the coast of southern california and who may have launched it. military officials are look into the video and it appears to show a rocket or some other object shooting into the sky leaving a trail over the pacific. that's a scarry story. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherrate. >> that's disturbing. to say the least. >> unsettling. >> unsettling. >> kelly, the days are getting so short now. we have sunset at 4:58. we will see just a little more light. it's pretty to see the dusk and lock at dusk lighting over the city right now as we show
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outharbor cam. >> oh, my goodness. >> it's pretty to look at, but it's kind of tough to get used to when it's dark at 5:15 and pitch-black by 5:30. but that's kind of what we are looking at for the rest of the winter. might as well get used to it now. 57 at bwi. wind northwest at 8 at the moment and pressure holding steady rising a little bit. aberdeen is 52. baltimore through the day, a lot of blue sky here and really we didn't see any significant clouds from that storm offshore. if anything, we saw very little cloud cover even looking east out over the chesapeake sapphire blue skies and breezy attires but on the whole a beautiful looking day. breeze coming up a little bit today. current wind are around 7 to 8. a bit of a light breeze blowing. temperature wise still 61 at dulles. charlotsville virginia, mid-60s. most of us are down into the
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50s. highs today or right around 06 in most spots. downtown 61 with additional concrete. annapolis cooler along the water this. and into the day tomorrow, we are probably talking maybe 62 or so. i think bowie warmer. it depen on the exact a wind we get and if it brings in more of that bay breeze we could be stuck in the upper 50s. satellite radar trend clear. and nothing on the horizon any time soon. it's one quiet weather pattern. other than of course the storm offshore we thought might spend a few more clouds our way today, that didn't end up happening. rather than moving due south or stalling out, the storm made a pretty strong move to the south and east further offshore. so very little influence here across maryland from that system offshore. a little bit of a north breeze. dry weather and high pressure over dixie will continue to push in out of the west. and that's going mean more great looking weather next couple days. not a dramatic warmup. aid chilly canadian air mass.
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but we will see a lot of sunshine around. future forecast model still the chance of a few clouds spinning in from the storm offshore. but i don't think we will see much. mostly sunny wednesday. into thursday, veteran's day, looks like great weather for all the parades and festivities going on for veteran's day. things look really nice weather wise. one of the better veteran's day forecast in a while. 39 mostly clear tonight with a cool breeze. and tomorrow, we will should get up to 62 or so. nice weather. pretty much a carbon copy of the day. maybe a little less breezy. and tomorrow night, quiet on the range. 40 or so, mostly clear, cool and dry. the seven-day, looking ahead towards the weekend here, no big changes. we will be in the nor 60 degrees or so friday and saturday. and, next shot of rain probably not until early next week. kelly. >> all right. thanks, a lot, wyatt. well, tomorrow, country music's biggest night is back. the cmas kick off tomorrow right here on abc2 and
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conditionry music biggest stars are anxious for a very busy night. >> i am crazy you know. i am actually on the eligible to win six because i am against myself in three categories. but that makes mow have a pretty good chance i guess. >> it's definitely a busy night for brad io and myself between cohosting and performing, and announcing people left and right, changing clothes and you know, being nominated, it will be busy but fun for sure. >> can't wait to see taylor swift. catch the cmas tomorrow at 8:00 right here on abc2. you know, we know choosing a school for your child can be a tough task but abc2 is work every day to try to make it easier. if a christian independent school is what you have in mind, there's local school that may fit the bill. we will take a look at the bethel christian academy coming up. plus, we have heard the excuse, the dog ate my
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homework. but a pet is in the doghouse for eating really expensive paper. that story is coming up all new at 5:30.
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and now to our ongoing take five series and the importance of your child's education. picking the right school is a tough designificantp for some parents a christian independent school may be the way to go. sherrie johnson heads to salveage to check out bethel chris it academy to find out five things to keep in mind when looking at a christian education. >> reporter: bethel christen academy is in a quiet neighborhood in historic salveage. a coed school that educates student from pre-k to 8th
5:24 pm
grade. here at bethel christen academy there's a focus on faith-based learning. parents and faculity are on the same page with morals and value answeredcation. >> we all have the same biblical view. therefore, it's very open in that we integrate faith with learning. we believe in high academics, high achievement, but that one thing that encompasses us together is the biblical world view. >> reporter: the school teaches phonics with a language component. students also experience small class sizes. teachers say more attention leads to more curriculum retention. the school prides on addressing the needs of every child and no one is left behind. >> i think they get a good solid education for one, but they also get a sense of belonging and appreciation for their uniqueness and gifts and talents. many of our students feel so connected that they don't want
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to leave and they come back, which we lovech. >> reporter: and then there's tuition. at administrators pride themselves on good rate for parents. >> in the public environment, there's so much bureaucracy not just in the school but above the school where that money goes. so if the average student is 10,000 dollars, about 40 to 50% of that actually gets to the classroom door. here, at least 68, 70% goes right to the classroom. >> reporter: here are five tips for tanning a christian elementary school. first, recognize you don't have to sacrifice academics to send your child to a faith based school. second, look for a school that has a strong academic program that incorporates faith with learning. third, faith is not just book long they make sure student live it every day. fourth, academic excellence. students develop gifts and talents to fulfill the purpose of their lives.
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and finally, look for solid relationships students can incorporate the morale code with mentoring from mature caring christian people. sherrie johnson, abc to 2 news. >> they look so cute. tuition at bethel christian is roughly $6,000 a year for pre-k to 8th grade. well, a carnival cruise ship adrift in the middle of the ocean with more than 4,000 people on board. more on the dream vacation passengers would rather forget coming up at 5:30. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable, and enjoying it less and less? stop paying for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month for a year. and there's no term contract required. if you don't love fios, you can cancel with no early termination fee. call now. it's your last chance to get this special bonus:
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now, abc2 news at 5:30. many children dream of having a big tree house in their backyards. but one anne arundel county dad may have gone overboard when he built one for his children.
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good evening i am roosevelt leftwich. the pasadena man built it if honor of his mother. inspiration the uss constellation but the county inspectors may have to sink the ship. don harrison explains why. >> see the anchor line proving gave it away. >> reporter: craig has a house in water that is white, his kids and -- his wife kids and dog enjoy. when craig's mother passed away in the spring of 2009, he need something to keep his mooned away from the tragedy. so he started to build a tree house for the kids. >> when we first starred, it was a simple platform tree for it that evolved to several nurse because the kid wanted to get bigger and higher and more elaborate. >> reporter: a county inspieor was in the area work on something when he -- inspector was in the area work on something else when he noticed it and took pictures and realize


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